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Prime Minister Opens First Day of Training

Day One opened with the Samoan Prime Minister welcoming the team and talked about how important the skills people are learning on the training are going to be for what he called re-building people’s minds to enable them to rebuild¬† communities in Samoa.

It was a great privilege to have him here and involved and to hear him so supportive of the NLP work we are doing in Samoa.  He even sat down in the front row and enjoyed the first part of the training including the NLP Pointing Exercise for those who are familiar with it.

Many thanks to Runa Pavitt Curry of FLO & Samoa Lifeline for organising this for us.

Participant numbers were even higher than expected with 37 participants representative of range of community and government organisations including Samoa Lifeline, Ministry of Police & Prisons, Fire Service, Samoan Victim Support, Mental Health Service, UNESCO, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and others.

The participants were introduced to the foundations of NLP helping skills.


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