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Our Fund raising efforts – 16th February

Our team have been busy indeed!  We have achieved a third of our fund target which is amazing!  Thank you to everyone who has donated and contributed, bought our products and helped us raise funds.  We are still busy fund raising and thinking of new ways in which to raise the money we need to fund our voluntary trip and Trauma Recovery training programme. We are having some fun along the way!

What our Team have been up to

At the Levin Organic River Festival in Janaury, our team member Asenati prepared and sold a delicious Samoan Green Banana Curry.  A popular choice at the festival and raised NZ$350!  Well done Asenait and thank you so much to all those that contributed to our funds.

More recently, in line with Saint Valentine’s Day, we had special cookies on sale in both Auckland and Wellington!

Our Auckland team, Lisa and Alaria, sold Valentine’s cookies at Takapuna Market on Saturday.  They recruited the help of the lovely Maria Noone  and her daughters who made fudge for us to sell.  Lisa’s kids, Ben and Ana, helped mum out not only by helping to bake the cookies, but also to sell them door to door in the neighbourhood!  All in all a great day was had recruiting the help and support of the locals and dancing in the summer rain!  So far they have raised NZ$200 from cookie sales!  Well done.

In Wellington the special “Love Cookies” were sold at the recent Improvathon – a 30 hour imrovisational comedy performance given by the Wellington Improvisation Troupe.  Some of these guys performed improv for over 3o hours, and then did another show on Sunday night!  Very impressive!  And thank you for letting one of your members Charlotte sell her fund raising cookies there – which even got a mention in the local theatre review!


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