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Media coverage – 26th February

Our principle trainer Dr Richard Bolstad and our Samoan team member Asenati, were interviewed by Samoa’s TV3 news.  We made headline evening news in Samoa and the next morning’s news!  We got a chance to broadcast to the nation what we are doing in Samoa and our intentions with this work – to support our participants to do this trauma recovery work in their field and to reach those that need the help to overcome their own emotional trauma and stress.  We got to give our contact number out on the TV and had our first member of the public come to us as a result the very next day.

We will post a copy of the TV report as soon as we receive one.

Our team member Charlotte and three of our participants; Runa Pavitt-Curry, acting Director for Samoa Lifeline, Senior Sergent Hebert-Aati from the Police and Oscar Netzler from Samoan Victim Support were interviewed for Radio NZ which broadcast shortly after 6pm on Friday 26th February New Zealand time.

It was an insightful experience hearing the participants talk to the reporter and hearing their personal take on NLP and the skills they are learning and what a big difference this will make to them and to the people of Samoa.  Thank you to all of you for being willing to share your stories and points of view.

Click here to listen to the full story report in audio.

Click here to see and listen to the story from their website.

Two of our members were interviewed for local paper The Observer.  Once we have a copy we will post it up.


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