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Fundraising for trauma recovery work in Christchurch

The NZ Trauma Recovery Trust is currently co-ordinating their response and seeking funding. The team of therapists will be positioned in the community, where they will be easily accessible. To keep track of the team’s work progress visit Christchurch Earthquake and Media pages regularly. To contribute to the recovery of people in Christchurch, DONATE suing your preferred method below.

Fundraising for follow up work in Samoa

The NZ Trauma Recovery Trust went to Apia, Samoa on 24th February 2010 for 7 nights to run the Trauma Recovery Program. The Team raised 100% of our funds which is amazing! Thank you so much to everyone who supported the work. Funds are still required to return to Samoa and do important follow up work with the trainees and clients. You can read stories about the team’s progress and fundraising efforts here: MediaFund Raising Effortsand the Trauma Recovery Programme too. To contribute to the recovery of the people in Samoa, DONATE suing your preferred method below.

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If you would like to support our Trust with a monetary contribution, you can do that here. Payments can be made via PayPal (including credit cards), internet banking, cash or cheque.

Funds raised will go towards costs related to the Trust’s activities and can include: flights, airport transfers, parking, accommodation, daily allowances, local transportation, venue hire, administration expenses such as website, phone calls, etc and therapist fees. Any funds raised for a particular cause that are remaining will be used for similar voluntary trauma recovery work by the Trust at a later date.

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Our sponsors have been incredibly generous, and without their help this project would not be happening. Please support them whenever you can.

  • Aggie Grey’s Accommodation – the place to stay in Samoa!
  • Andre Sumara at – Want to have your own self-hosted WordPress website setup professionally for you?  Visit us to learn how you can get it done for FREE

A special thank you to a number of supporters and helpers, including:
  • Sharon and Les McCarthy
  • Grant Wooliams
  • Angie Skerrett
  • Janna Hamilton, Oxfam
  • Lisa Hodge
  • (Jamie) Vernon McKenzie, Apia