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Day 2 of Trauma Recovery Training

It’s an absolute pleasure to see everyone back on Day 2 and fully engaged.  Today’s training covered some more essential building blocks of using NLP effectively with people and we introduced the NLP Trauma Cure Process.

One of the pleasures for the Team was seeing the energy in the room raise excitedly as, even though they hadn’t even personally experienced the process yes, the various representatives of health care workers and emergency services engaged in a lively discussion about how they can take these skills out to communities and use them as an effective way of moving Samoa forward.

It was also a day of interviews!  Two of our members were interviewed for Samoa’s TV3 and one of our Team members and three participants from the training were interviewed about the NLP training – what they are learning and what it means to them personally and for their valuable work with people.

We looked forward to the full integration of NLP skills on the final day – Day 3.


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