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Day 2 – In-field Support

On this day, the last scheduled day of our time in Samoa, we were busy and running to a tight time schedule!

Karen and Rachel (Alaria) spent the day with the United Nations.  They ran a 90 minute training about stress and state of mind management for five UN agencies including UNESCO and the Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS).  The participants enjoyed discovering new tools for coping with the various situations they are faced with from crime scenes to disaster responses, and looking after their own emotional well-being.

Trauma recovery sessions were also conducted with 6 members of UN staff.  These sessions were rewarding – especially their surprise and delight when they experienced how quickly they could overcome their trauma.  It was great to see the people who have been trained with us just a few days prior, integrate their new skills so well already.

Asenati and Charlotte accompanied 3 newly trained members of Samoan Victim Support out to a Safe House to support these key workers using their new NLP Trauma Recovery skills to assist the rape victims staying there.  We were able to coach one practitioner from start to finish with a fantastic result.  It was wonderful to see this person from beginning all the way through to the end, and the changes that he experienced as a result of the session.  Our feedback session at the end was also very insightful and an opportunity for learning for all of us.

Asenati and Charlotte also conducted one to one sessions with a local Palangi couple who – without breaking confidentiality here – really needed trauma recovery work.  It was a great opportunity to work with them.

Lisa and others spent time with two participants from our training from Faataua Le Ola (Samoan Lifeline) and Samoa Victim Support and supported them conducting NLP Trauma Recovery sessions.  They successfully worked with two very serious cases with very successful results.  One of the client’s parting comment was “I want to learn NLP!”.

All in all, we just about had time to say goodbye to everyone and give our gifts of thanks to all those who have supported us and made things happen, pack up, and get in the taxi to catch our flight!  A busy and rewarding day for all of us.  There was a real sense of gratitude for all we had been able to achieve in our short time in Samoa as we debriefed in the taxi on the way to the airport, and, a sense that there was still a lot more work to be done.

Next step – returning as soon as possible to continue the work.


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