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Day 1 – In-field Support

Following the 3-day skills training with Dr Richard Bolstad, the Tsunami warning on Saturday and the customary day of rest on Sunday, the remaining 6 team members continued to supervise and support the newly qualified training participants over the next two days in their field.  There are now nearly 40 professionals with a new set of groundbreaking NLP skills that have already made a huge difference to them personally – now it was time to support them to become experts and use the skills to make a difference to others.

With 4 newly qualified members of Faataua La Ola – Samoan Lifeline, and one other training participant, with the help of FLO’s transport and patience, we ventured out into some of the villages and coastal areas that had been badly effected by September’s Tsunami to let them know about the new services FLO could offer in their trauma recovery.

It was a huge learning experience for all of us and speaking for the whole team, included many touching moments.  One of these moments included a local primary school, who, although they weren’t expecting us on that day, opened themselves to us and gave us an audience with the principle.  She touched our hearts by sharing her own personal story of fear after the first Tsunami last year, and the fear that had been triggered by the recent warning just two mornings prior.

In fact, this was a very common story heard when we talked to the families in these areas.  It seemed a lucky coincidence that we were there at this time of re-surfacing fear, and able to offer support and hope.

Introductions were made, the beginnings of relationships built, appointments booked and future plans made for people to work with FLO for their own recovery.

When the whole team gave feedback at the end of the day, there was a profound and mutual sense that we had really made some headway in reaching people in need and were well on our way to making a significant difference.

Thank you to all those who talked with us and shared their personal stories.


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